4. Cross Country Course

New Cross Country training facility.......

At Wallaby Hill we are in the process of developing new Cross Country Courses for the next event. In an effort to keep the going on the new tracks as pristine as possible we have taken all of our portable jumps and put them in one paddock, making cross-country training easier than ever. There are roll tops, skinnies, overs, stumps, tables, apexes, arrowheads, off-set brushes and much more, all in the one area.




The water jump is also available for schooling along with the ditch and bank complex. Jumps range from EvA95 to 3*, there are no Newcomers or EvA80 fences.


  • $40/horse or
  • $1000/day

To hire the cross country course, a rider must be or must be accompanied by an NCAS Level I General Coach that is current and insured. All riders must wear back protectors and horse appropriate boots. 

To book please contact:

Geoff Spears E: geoff@wallabyhill.com.au or T: 02 4885 2406

Please remember that in wet conditions the cross-country course will be closed.


Helmet Cam - Preliminary - Pre-Novice - 1*