Wallaby Hill Crew

Alex Townsend

Owner & Rider 

NCAS Level II Eventing Specialist
NCAS Level I General Instructor
NCAS Coach Educator
Alex actively competes and trains horses and teaches when time permits.
Available for lessons:
T: 02 4885 2406

Michelle Robson

Yard Manager & Competition Groom

After a long and very successful career at Bimbadeen Park, working for Olympic Silver Medalist Shane Rose, Michelle now joins the team at Wallaby Hill. With numerous awards and accolades to her name including FEI Grooms Award in 2009, Michelle comes to Wallaby Hill with a wealth of experience and is looking to take her very talented gelding Eastern Star Capone to Adelaide at the end of the year. Michelle is responsible for all horse activities at Wallaby Hill, so if you have any queries please contact her:

M: 0427 848 231
T: 02 4885 2225


William Forrester


Will, is also another former employee of Bimbadeen Park, where he was responsible for breaking in both race horses and performance horses. He is currently helping us develop the adjacent property to Wallaby Hill, where he will be setting up his business as a horse breaker and trainer. In his spare time he likes doing crazy stuff, like in the photograph. If you have a horse - racing or performance that you would like broken in please contact him.

M: 0448 947 819
T: 02 4885 2225


Geoff Spears

PR & Marketing

T: 0417 540 042

Tash Blenkinsopp

Office Manager

Tash oversees the running of The Animal Company. Despite not being a rider, Tash is an intergral part of the Wallaby Hill team, having run every competition held here, while also organising a young family and Alex.
T: 02 4885 2406

Andrew Blenkinsopp "Blink"

Farm Manager

Andrew manages all the work done here at Wallaby Hill Farm. Andrew is also a very accomplished horseman. He is also the person to talk to if you want a horse transported.
T: 0408 162 692

Derek Pascoe

Owner & Council Liason Officer

Derek - otherwise known as Mr Townsend, has recently taken up eventing and is causing mayhem in Prelim classes.

Available for council consulting classes:

T: 02 4885 2406


The Hounds of Wallaby Hill